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About ED

Originally from Philadelphia and currently residing in Central Florida, Ed is an avid NFL Eagles fan and works as the Rides Maintenance Supervisor at a theme park in Winter Haven, FL, showcasing his passion for puzzles and mechanics. At 42, happily married, Ed faces the challenge of dealing with an aggressive genetic form of Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), a condition that also affects his entire immediate family.

A year and a half ago, during a Mayo Clinic appointment, Ed’s kidney function was assessed at 42%, with a prognosis of three to four years before the search for a living kidney donor would commence. Unfortunately, on Oct 19th, 2023, everything changed, and he was informed that his kidney function had dropped to 24%, prompting the need to join the transplant list in February 2024. Recent hospitalization in December 2023 revealed further deterioration in Ed’s kidney function, necessitating urgent action.

Edward Strickler

The Mayo Clinic doctors strongly advised Ed and his wife to find a living kidney donor promptly to potentially avoid dialysis, recognizing the challenges associated with this medical treatment. Understanding the potential hardships of dialysis, the search for a living kidney donor commenced based on the doctors’ recommendations.

Living donors generally offer a better life expectancy compared to cadavers, with an average of 66%. Individuals on the National Kidney List face an average wait of 3 to 10 years, racing against time before their remaining kidney function diminishes. In Ed’s case, avoiding dialysis is the primary goal, considering his family’s medical history. However, he acknowledges the possibility and has started education appointments with the National Kidney Foundation to explore dialysis treatment options.

Ed’s sister waited 5 years for a living kidney donor, and his brother waited 10 years for a cadaver kidney. Currently seeking a direct match or an individual willing to donate on his behalf through the National Pair Registry, Ed encourages potential donors to register for testing using the link to his microsite connected with the National Pair Registry and the Mayo Clinic: 

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