During a critical juncture in the creation of Kidney For Ed, Softclusive Digital Marketing generously stepped in to alleviate much-needed stress and address essential tasks. Owner Mark and his business partners dedicated themselves to crafting the Kidney For Ed logo. However, their support extended beyond expectations; thanks to Mark and his team, the website you’re browsing is now accessible to all. Moreover, Softclusive’s team will provide branding and social media assistance to raise awareness about Polycystic Kidney Disease and the urgent need for living kidney donors. Mark has invested countless hours collaborating with Kidney For Ed, diligently gathering information to aid Ed and others battling kidney disease. Their compassion and sensitivity to the situation have been exceptional and deeply appreciated.

Port 27- Lake Hamilton, FL

Step into this stunning venue where beauty awaits both inside and out! Inside, a captivating full bar beckons, leading to a second-story loft with a charming balcony. Stepping outside reveals a sprawling seating area adorned with covered picnic tables, offering a breathtaking vista of the lake. Adjacent to the stage, an outdoor bar stands ready, while plans are underway to introduce a variety of eateries and shops to the brewery. Accessible by both land and water, Port 27 promises a unique experience for all. Crafted onsite, their selection of artisanal beers awaits. In a heartwarming gesture, the owners of Port 27 have graciously offered their space for the FL Benefit Concert on June 8th, 2024. Let’s come together and celebrate this Ed and this exceptional venue!

Tanner Lakeside Restaurant and Bar

If you haven’t experienced the charm of Tanners Lakeside, you’re missing out on an extraordinary dining destination! Nestled by the lake, the restaurant offers breathtaking vistas from various vantage points. What sets this establishment apart is its tri of bars- two indoors and one outdoors, adjacent to the stage! With a capacity for 308 patrons, Tanners Lakeside Restaurant is a beloved hub for locals and visitors alike. Don’t miss the chance to discover this gem when you’re in the area-we assure you, it’s an experience not to be missed!
In a heartening display of support, Tanners Management stepped up for Kidney For Ed when many venues hesitated to extend a helping hand. The management of this exceptional restaurant graciously provided the venue, easing our worries considerably. Moreover, they’re actively collaborating with Kidney For Ed to explore opportunities for additional sponsorships. Tanner’s dedication is truly commendable.

House of Flops Online Poker Group

The compassionate leader of this fantastic poker community has become a person whom Kidney For Ed deeply appreciates encountering during our journey toward finding a living kidney and organizing our fundraising efforts. Going the extra mile, House of Flops has generously sponsored a poker table at the Kidney For Ed Poker Tournament Fundraiser and has initiated online fundraising activities to contribute to our cause, while also offering to sponsor up to 10 individuals to attend our poker event. Moreover, the owner’s additional support and encouragement have been immensely valued. As aptly expressed by House of Flops, ‘…it truly takes a village, and together, we’re committed to finding Ed a kidney!'”

Smokin Jims BBQ

With humility and empathy, Jim, the proprietor, exudes kindness and possesses extensive knowledge in the realm of barbecue. The ribs from his BBQ establishment are nothing short of extraordinary, earning acclaim for their incredible deliciousness!

Since establishing his delightful restaurant in February 2005, Jim, affectionately known as Smokin’ Jim, has accrued invaluable expertise in the culinary domain, garnering numerous accolades through competitions for his delectable offerings. Nearly two decades later, his establishment stands as a beloved institution in Polk County, FL captivating both locals and visitors with its irresistible fare, including fall-off-the-bone ribs, succulent shredded pork, flavorful beef brisket, smoked turkey, and an array of other tantalizing dishes.

Kidney For Ed extends heartfelt gratitude to Jim for his generous contribution to the Kidney For Ed Tournament Fundraiser, supplying the mouthwatering ribs that are sure to be enjoyed by all the attendees!

Little Wolfe Lodge Pet Resort

Browsing through their website, it becomes immediately apparent why patrons develop a deep affection for Little Wolfe Lodge Pet Resort. Reviews overflow with praise, ranging from sentiments like “We adore this place” to “They treat our beloved pets like cherished family members.” The staff consistently earn accolades for their patience, kindness, and commitment to the safety of our furry companions.

Dubbed “Little Wolfe” because the owner is the youngest member of the Wolfe family, the owner initiated her venture from a humble garage in 1986, steadily nurturing its growth over the past 33 years. Today, Little Wolfe Lodge Pet Resort stands as a testament to her dedication and passion for providing top-notch pet care services.

From Grooming to boarding and even doggie daycare, the establishment offers an array of services, each delivered with a genuine love for animals and a sincere desire to ensure the happiness of every furry guest.

Kidney For Ed is thrilled to welcome Little Wolfe Lodge Pet Resort as a sponsor of the 80’s themed Murder Mystery Event via a monetary amount and are grateful for your support, Thank You!

Rock Bottom Resurge

Established in 2019, Rock Bottom Resurge emerged as a dynamic force, spanning the spectrum of classic to contemporary rock covers. The band’s repertoire encompasses iconic tracks from artists such as Blink 182, Collective Soul, Dio, and Avenged Sevenfold, among others. Evolving steadily, Rock Bottom Resurge honed in on its sound and stage presence, captivating audiences across central Florida. It comprises five talented members—Paul on vocals, Lance on lead guitar, Rich on rhythm guitar, Jaun on bass, and Darrell on drums—delivering electrifying performances that leave a lasting impression.
Kidney For Ed expresses profound gratitude to Rock Bottom Resurge for their generous commitment to volunteering their time for the upcoming benefit concert on June 8th, 2024. Notably, Rock Bottom Resurge has been a fervent advocate for Ed’s quest to find a living kidney donor. Their unwavering support for our cause is truly admirable, and we are delighted to have them collaborate with us in raising awareness for Ed and our fundraising efforts. Moreover, the band is lending their expertise in lighting and sound for both events, further demonstrating their dedication to our cause. We wholeheartedly appreciate Rock Bottom Resurge’s selfless contribution of their time and resources. Thank you, Rock Bottom Resurge, for your invaluable support.

Ridge Country Band (please make sure the name reflects what is stated here)

In 2023, a collective of seasoned musicians came together for informal jam sessions, seeking musical enjoyment. The instant synergy within the group led to the creation of Ridge Country band, solidified with the inclusion of a lead guitarist. This quintet thrives on captivating audiences with a blend of their traditional country roots and beloved classics from the realms of southern and classic rock. Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Waylon Jennings, Chris Stapleton, George Strait, as well as Bonnie Raitt, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Tom Petty, their performances leave audiences yearning for more with each unforgettable show.

Ridge Country Band has stood as a steadfast ally of Kidney For Ed since its inception. From the earliest stages of organizing the FL June 8th, 2024 Benefit Concert, they demonstrated unwavering solidarity and commitment. The band’s support has been invaluable, offering encouragement when needed and sharing their expertise in the intricacies of the music industry. As we navigated the learning curve of event planning for a concert, Ridge Country Band provided invaluable guidance and assistance. We extend our deepest gratitude for their time and unwavering support; it has been truly invaluable. Ridge Country Band will be donating their time on stage at the Benefit Concert and assisting with promotional material for the event.

Atomic Cherry

Atomic Cherry is an ensemble bursting with dynamism, weaving together a tapestry of musical genres to create performances that crackle with energy. Their origin story is a testament to the organic growth of bands, ignited by shared passions and connections. The journey began when Mike and Doug placed an ad, leading them to encounter Courtney, sparking the initial creative fire. With their circle expanding, Marty and Stevie joined, drawn together by their love for music and mutual acquaintances, ultimately forming the cohesive unit known as Atomic Cherry. Each member brings a distinct contribution to the ensemble. Lead vocalist Courtney injects the group’s shows with a vibrant energy fueled by her diverse talents and passion for music and visual effects. Doug, on drums, acts as the rhythmic heartbeat of the band, grounding their sound with both skill and humility. Bassist Mike lays down a solid foundation, seamlessly bridging rhythm and melody to ensure harmonious cohesion. Marty’s journey into music, starting later in life and self-directed, reflects his unwavering dedication and diverse influences, enriching Atomic Cherry’s eclectic style. Meanwhile, Stevie’s varied background and dedication to veterans demonstrated through his advocacy work for the VA, bring a unique perspective to the band, highlighting his professionalism and passion on and off the stage. Together, Atomic Cherry epitomizes the fusion of talent, passion, and camaraderie, delivering performances that resonate deeply with audiences.
From the moment Atomic Cherry discovered our page, they immediately aligned with Kidney For Ed’s mission. Since then, their support has been unwavering and multifaceted. Atomic Cherry has played a crucial role in our journey by educating us about the intricacies of the music industry, facilitating valuable connections, and offering much-needed encouragement along the way. They’ve gone above and beyond by creating promotional materials, generously volunteering as the band for the FL Poker Tournament Fundraiser, and collaborating with three other bands to provide entertainment for the Benefit Concert. Their dedication has been palpable, evidenced by the countless conversations and efforts they’ve invested as our fundraising efforts gained momentum. Kidney For Ed is profoundly grateful for Atomic Cherry’s time and compassion in every aspect of our cause.

A Tiny Art Garage

Ashleigh M. Ferreira-Bartlett, a self-taught artist hailing from Massachusetts, has traversed diverse creative landscapes, showcasing her talents as a writer, newspaper editor, photographer, freelance marketing consultant, and graphic designer. Her journey is fueled by a deep-seated passion for assisting others, a sentiment underscored by the loss of most of her family and her late fiancé to unexpected yet treatable health conditions. Following her health challenges, Ashleigh found solace and a means of self-expression in her return to art during a period of medical leave. Today, she confronts the challenges of systemic lupus with art as her driving force, finding purpose and inspiration in individuals like Ed who fill her heart with resolve.

Kidney For Ed discovered Ashleigh’s remarkable artwork in a Facebook group and wasted no time reaching out to her. From the outset, Ms. Ferreira-Bartlett enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to contribute her talents to the cause. Demonstrating a profound understanding of our mission, this compassionate artist dedicated herself to crafting original pieces and generously donating them to Kidney For Ed for our T-shirt fundraiser and then going on to assist with the creation of the e-commerce store, that would become the KidneyForEdShop via Etsy. With a caring and attentive approach, Ashleigh took the time to familiarize herself with Ed’s health journey, actively seeking input on desired designs and diligently incorporating feedback for improvement; Her professionalism throughout the process was exemplary and deeply admirable. The dedication and craftsmanship exhibited by Ashleigh in creating kidney designs are genuinely valued by Kidney For Ed and the KidneyForEdShop, and we wholeheartedly endorse her for any graphic design needs and digital assistance.

Jessy G Photography

Jessica Gardner is the proud owner and lead photographer at Jessy G Photography. For nearly two decades, she has dedicated herself to mastering the art of photography, a journey of continuous learning and improvement.

Photography is not just Mrs. Gardner’s profession; it’s her passion, allowing Mrs. Gardner to be intimately involved in capturing the fleeting moments of family lives and clients. Understanding the priceless value of time and the impermanence of moments, it has been a privilege to freeze time for her clients, offering them tangible memories they can cherish forever.

Jessica Gardner’s photography extends beyond the lens as she strives to create a relaxed, family-like atmosphere for her clients, ensuring they feel at ease, which she believes produces the most authentic and beautiful portraits. Taking pride not only in the quality of her work, but Mrs. Gardner also takes pride in building meaningful relationships with clients; making it a priority to show each client how valued they are far beyond being just another photo session.

Kidney For Ed is immensely grateful to Jessy G. Photography for her invaluable contributions and generous sponsorship of becoming our photographer for both of our Florida events; as it is greatly appreciated and will assist us to obtain sponsorship for other fundraisers via marketing purposes. Jessica’s support will not only elevate these events but also ensure they leave a lasting memory on our community and friends. Kidney For Ed extends our heartfelt thanks to Jessica Gardner for playing such a crucial role in our journey.

Kidney Conversation

Kidney Conversations is a comprehensive platform dedicated to providing invaluable insights into kidney health. It acts as an extensive repository of knowledge, covering a wide range of topics related to kidney disease, including its origins, symptoms, and available treatment options. Developed collaboratively by a team consisting of kidney patients, caregivers, and transplant recipients, the website strives to educate and offer support to individuals dealing with kidney-related concerns, as well as their loved ones. Utilizing a diverse array of resources such as blogs, videos, and interviews, Kidney Conversations is meticulously curated to inform and assist those affected by kidney ailments.

Additionally, the platform cultivates a nurturing community atmosphere via an interactive forum, enabling users to openly exchange personal stories and experiences while offering mutual assistance in navigating the challenges linked to kidney health. Moreover, Kidney Conversations highlights the importance of seeking guidance from medical professionals for personalized treatment strategies, emphasizing the critical role healthcare experts play in effectively addressing kidney-related conditions. Furthermore, the platform actively invites the submission of guest posts to enrich its content, thereby integrating diverse perspectives and insights into the realm of kidney health.

Kidney for Ed is deeply moved to extend profound gratitude to Kidney Conversations for their unwavering support. Their compassionate assistance has gone beyond expectations, encompassing not only the creation of custom AI artwork for our t-shirt fundraisers but also providing extensive guidance and expertise in navigating the intricate landscape of digital marketing. The kindness and empathy displayed by Kidney Conversations have truly touched our hearts and made a significant impact on our organization. We are profoundly grateful for their dedication and generosity, which have played a pivotal role in advancing our cause and supporting individuals like Ed on their journey.

Lamar Advertising

Lamar Advertising stands at the forefront of meeting the outdoor advertising demands across Lakeland, Tampa, and the heart of Central Florida. Boasting a diverse array of advertising solutions, including Bulletins, Digital Billboards, and Airport Advertising Displays, Lamar is adept at designing impactful campaigns that precisely target and engage your desired audience, propelling any business to new heights.

Kidney For Ed extends its deepest gratitude to Lamar Advertising for their remarkable support and sponsorship through the donation of a strategically placed billboard near Legoland, Florida. This act of generosity is profoundly acknowledged and celebrated. Lamar Advertising’s contribution is pivotal in amplifying the visibility of Ed’s need for a living kidney donor and the promotion of fundraising initiatives. Your support is invaluable, and we sincerely thank you for the significant difference you are making in our efforts.

Central State Development LLC

Central State Development stands as a beacon of excellence in Central Florida’s development landscape, renowned for delivering unparalleled quality in every project. Beyond its core operations, the visionary behind Central State Development also helms a dynamic media company, boasting a strategic array of billboards, some of which are located along Dundee Rd in Winter Haven, FL.

Kidney For Ed is profoundly grateful to the owner of Central State Development for their pivotal sponsorship and generous donation of prime billboard space. This billboard, prominently positioned on one of Winter Haven’s vital arteries, will play a critical role in broadening the reach for Ed’s urgent search for a living kidney donor and increasing our fundraising initiatives. We are deeply moved by their generosity and eagerly seize this opportunity to publicly commend their significant contribution to our cause.

For those inspired by Central State Development’s commitment to making a difference and interested in exploring their services, the company warmly welcomes inquiries through a direct phone call. Connect with them at 863-280-6921 or visit their location at 4900 Dundee Rd, Winter Haven, FL 33884, to discover how they can bring your visions to life.

NWPhoto Video, LLC

NWPhotoVideo, LLC, established at the start of 2021 in Jacksonville, Florida, by Nathan Waters and his wife Alana, has evolved through dedication and significant investment in essential equipment for the film and video production industry. With over 27 years of experience, Nathan has honed his skills in a variety of disciplines within the industry, notably transitioning towards film production and cinematography. The company aims to support small businesses and non-profits through a unique “film now, pay later” model and donations of time and resources, respectively. Facing the challenges of funding marketing and operational growth, the company offers affordable production services to those unable to bear high retainer costs. Guided by Christian principles and a commitment to positive outcomes, NWPhotoVideo, LLC is actively engaged in charitable projects like “A Kidney for Ed,” providing pro bono services to support worthy causes and make a meaningful impact.

In a heartfelt expression of gratitude, we extend our deepest thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Waters for their remarkable generosity in providing both their time and resources to support “Kidney for Ed.” Their decision to offer their expertise in content production at no cost is a beacon of hope in our mission to find a living kidney donor for Ed and to raise the necessary funds. NWPhoto Video, LLC’s immediate connection and passionate response to our cause not only amplifies our efforts but also embodies the spirit of community and giving. From the core of our being, we thank you for your invaluable contributions now and for the promising impact we anticipate in the future.


NFocus stands as a beacon of creativity in Central Florida, dedicated to crafting story-driven media that not only highlights your brand in the best possible light but also steers a steady stream of business directly to your doorstep, phone lines, and digital platforms. With a commitment to excellence, regardless of the project’s scale or concept, the team marries inspired creativity with strategic business acumen, guaranteeing the delivery of seamless and impactful campaigns tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Responding to the urgent need for a skilled videographer, NFocus generously contributed the necessary funds and engaged Asher McCown, a distinguished Southeastern University alum and dedicated team member, to support the “Kidney For Ed” campaign. With Mr. McCown’s expertise, “Kidney For Ed” is set to capture crucial moments and testimonials at our 80’s themed Hair Band Murder Mystery Event, shedding light on the significance of living kidney donations and the realities of polycystic kidney disease, per guest speakers. This effort aims not only to inform potential donors for Ed but also to serve as a vital resource for others in need of a donor. We invite everyone to access and share our content to broaden understanding and support informed decisions about living donations. Furthermore, the footage Mr. McCown gathers will be instrumental in amplifying our fundraising initiatives across social media, enhancing our reach and impact in the quest for Ed’ living kidney donor!

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